July 17-19, 2015

Program #29!

Here is our downloadable festival program fresh off the layout table complete with a full schedule of performance times.  NB: the schedule can change suddenly due to the nature of live presenting and forces beyond our control, just so y’know!



A Blast From #28

This just in from Wanderlust Media.  You may remember that last year there was guy with a GoPro-outfitted drone taking shots of The Fair from way up in the air.  That was Scott McCaffrey.   Scott has captured an essence of our beautiful, beautiful thing in a way that has been heretofore unrealized.  If you’ve never been, this is an updated snapshot in motion of what you’ve been missing.  Thanks a million Scott!


Advance Weekend Passes… GO!

Early Bird Weekend Passes are sold out, a couple weeks earlier than usual too.  The good news is that Advance passes are now available — get ‘em by clicking the Pleasant Solutions hummingbird logo — $90/$80, Adult/Student-Senior tax in.


A Taste O’ 29

The complete lineup for World Tour XXIX is still a couple weeks off, but to give you an idea here’s a bit of a hint of what you can see at South Country Fair this July.


Jenny Ritter — a powerful Canadian West Coast writer and performer with a good warm wind in her sails and rather a lot more to show for it than just a creel of songs.

Jenny Ritter 1-web

Sean Rowe — from upstate New York with a stunning baritone voice.  Sean possesses a startling lyrical sensitivity and a fresh, switched on approach to the palette of musical textures and arrangement in the Folk Americana vein.

The Wet Secrets — Edmonton’s surrealist roots sensations taking the country by storm!  Don’t let the outfits fool you… there isn’t a majorette in the lot!

wet secrets - pointing