It’s been a long haul so far, and we aren’t anywhere close to being through these rapids. What a year! I hope you are all doing well, or as well as you can at least.

So – things are moving a bit, we’ve got some shows booked for November in different venues that will be live streamed, and some shows that will have been recorded in artists’ homes that will be broadcast. We’re calling it The Dogstar Sessions because, well, we figured we had to call it something, and this streaming stuff is coming out of the void… might as well imagine it’s emanating from Orion, right? Btw here’s a poster

It’s happening now because the Summer was so full of festivals and artists cobbling things together on the fly just trying to stay viable, there was too much going on for us to fit in so we picked the off season. And because we had no idea how to get decent production values for broadcast – we’re geared for and all about bringing people together to share experiences, not running a television station. But we need to keep going through this, and so do you. We’ll have a better time if we can do it together.

On the plus side it has given us time to foster partnerships with Calgary Folk Music Festival, Stronghold Brewing and Empress Theatre who will be providing space for events featuring several local artists.

Technically this is a winter series really except it’s all in the same month and it has its own rhythms. If it works though there could be more as the Winter progresses. Let’s try hard to help make that happen together!

Here’s what we have planned right now:

Saturday, Nov 7thWilliam Prince7:30 PM MST
Terra Lightfoot8:40 PM MST
Sunday, Nov 8thNia with Lise2:30 PM MST
Saturday, Nov 14thEmily Triggs7:30 PM MST
Sunday, Nov 15thSCF Sessions:
Kris Demeanor,
Brooke Wylie,
Mark Sadler-Brown
2:30 PM MST
Saturday, Nov 21stC.R. Avery7:30 PM MST
Sunday, Nov 22ndWellness Workshop
with Robyn Lilley
2:30 PM MST
Saturday, Nov 28thPeter & The Wolves7:30 PM MST
Sunday, Nov 29thSCF Sessions:
John Wort-Hannam,
Shaela Miller,
Ryland Moranz
2:30 PM MST

Check back for updates and more information, and most importantly, links to the shows. We will be setting up a virtual tip jar shortly and we will be posting teasers and the aforementioned show links and things to our Facebook page so watch for those too!

Zoomzoom!!! Game on!!