More people than you would think email the office asking questions the answers to which are readily available on this website… that’s why we have one. Assuming those folks are likely to see this note, here is what they (you?) are probably looking for and what we’d respond with in most cases.
If you have emailed our office to request information about performing please point your browser to our website and click on the ‘Get Involved’ menu. There are contacts for the individuals  responsible for booking each of our performance areas there. Please note the specific nature of the kinds of music we present, and that in a given year there are only a couple dozen or so slots available — we receive a lot more queries and submissions in a given year from prospective performers than we are able to accommodate. NOTE: Booking is usually complete by the end of February and we only contact successful applicants.
If you are a prospective merchant or food vendor scroll down to the bottom of the Get Involved page to find downloadable application forms. Booths that were present the previous year are given priority to return if they are in good standing and stead with our Fair Trade Mall coordinator. Space is limited and the applications are reviewed so there is as little duplication of services as possible — too many of one type of merchant means nobody makes any money! Deadline for applications is the end of March in a given year.
SCF is seeking entries for the creation of a logo and poster to be used for SCF #33. The winning designer will see their graphic featured for SCF #33 and will receive recognition for their work, some SCF swag, 2 weekend passes for SCF 33 & volunteer camping. All submissions are welcomed. Deadline for submissions is Feb. 15, 2019. IMPORTANT: No more than 5 colours and a b/w version, neither to exceed 11” x 13”. We always appreciate a versatile easy-to-cut-out design and artwork that will cross all mediums, web, CMYK, paper, tee shirt screening, product imprinting.Please include a portion of text to help explain the how/where/when/why you were inspired and how you suggest we incorporate your graphic into SCF #33. To submit or request more info, contact Scott at: scott.jardine72 at gmail dot com.
If you wish to volunteer there is information at the Get Involved page as well as a button to click for an online application form. Priority is given to individuals who have volunteered in the past to give away food with their and are in good stead and standing with our volunteer coordinator. This is the only way to become a volunteer, we are not able to do that from the office!
We are currently in the process of changing ticketing agents — more news to come in February. There is a lot of information about our festival here though, the usual stuff like where we are located, what to bring and the date for the next festival (on the top right of the header).
If you are looking for single day tickets those don’t get set up until late Spring — in the Fall/Winter there are Early Bird passes that we try to put online by November 5th (please to remember…), and when those are no longer available Advance Weekend Passes come on-stream with the  commensurate price bump.
Still need to make contact?  Feel free to send us a note, of course — the office email is not monitored on a daily basis at this time of year, so please bear that in mind.
Have a great summer festival ‘off-season’!