Song Writer Comp Update

Steven says he was never so glad to not be a judge – the quality and volume of submissions both took a jump after a year on hiatus.  The process of shortlisting 43 submissions was similar to how Juno nominees are chosen — four judges were instructed to independently make a list of their picks in order of preference, and those shortlisted needed to appear on at least three of those ballots.  Here’s who you will see on May 7th at The Slice… that’s a Sunday btw:

in no particular order…

Raven’s Bairn — George Fowler

I Will Love You — Jay Bowcott

Run Girl Run — Emily Triggs

My Baby’s Gone — Michael Granzow

The Whiskey Song — Chris Drew

The Tortoise and the Hare — Maddie Conrad

The Mountain Song — Amy Nelson

Ain’t Got Time For That — Carter Felker

Steal Away —    Megan Brown

Living in Pictures — Jon Martin

Guzzolene in my Veins — Chris Gheran

Winter Skies — Cathy Hawley

The two winners receive cash and complimentary weekend passes, and will showcase their winning song to our festival audience!  We always give a couple pair of passes away as a door prize, so be there or you know what!

Our deep gratitude to the artists who submitted, those who almost did, The Owl Acoustic Lounge, Steve Foord and his jolly crew of judges, and of course The Slice Bar and Grill for continuing to exist and graciously hosting.